What we do:

Welcome to Felix ClubWorks, one of the top performance-fitting studios in the country.  At Felix ClubWorks we combine state of the art technology, the latest equipment, the latest shafts, professional outdoor fitting, and over 20 years of experience to give players of all levels the ability to play their best!

Having clubs that are custom fit to you is the only way to maximize your true potential.  What was normally reserved for the tour players is now available to the public.  At Felix ClubWorks we do this by matching equipment to a players distinct swing tendencies and load profiles.

Custom fitting has a profound impact on all golfers, not just the pros.  From the beginner, intermediate, to the advanced player you will see an improvement.  Now come and see what the pros have been doing for years to enhance their game.  Get fit at Felix ClubWorks and see the difference!